Compersion. You’ve heard this word before no? It’s essentially taking pleasure in someone else’s pleasure…and here’s the kicker…even if their pleasure has NOTHING to do with you!

This morning, as I lay, legs akimbo, masturbating to the photo I received of His Little Friend licking the cum off of Patagonia’s beautifully familiar cock, I was overwhelmed by a wave of joy.
Looking at that captured moment of my lovers’ pleasure filled me with immense joy and gratitude. I am so fucking blessed! The universe continues to send me amazingly sexy/wonderful/strong/smart/dynamic/kinky/open sluts to play with!!! High-Five universe!!!


sexy times

Oh my what a fun week.  Work kicked my ass but I balanced it out with plenty of sexy play dates! Warning to those with squeamish  constitutions…bloody sex and  ass-play

Wednesday:  Headed down south to meet Red at his place for what turned out to be a fun and uber hot overnighter. We had a delicious dinner on the water, some tasty beer at a local brewer, then back to his place in time to catch the sunset from the back deck.  As I kicked back enjoying the view, red made himself at home between my legs. Did I mention that this man licks pussy like no other?!!  Heavenly head he gives! Anyway I came hard against his mouth just as the horn from a passing train sounded from below. Perfect timing.

I was on my moon which always makes me feel like an extra dirty girl.  Bloody handprints on white sheets and extra lube to help me take that monster cock of his.  Still thinking about his mons pubis stained crimson.  Dirty man even insisted I lick his asshole.   I so badly wished I had a harness. I wonder if he would have let me take him.

Red has a gf, His Little Friend, whom I mentioned in my  last post. The two have a pornarific tumbr blog that I just subscribed to. I want to link her here but am nervous. She would be the first to read this blog who knows who I am.

Thursday:  Another long day at work. Had planned on pulling a double but the heat got to me and I opted for a trip to the nude beach instead.  My bestie/muse and I found the perfect spot.  With Acid Arab playing over my wireless speaker (thank you Red!) we commenced drinking, swimming, and dancing on the rocks.

Friday:  Date night with Niceguy.  Moonlit swimming and an epic rope swing!  Drinks at my place and an invitation to sleep over.  Exhaustion got the better of me and I fell asleep in his arms.  Woke up sometime in the middle of the night and kissed him for the first time….nice, but no fireworks.. I fell back to sleep 🙂  In the morning we drank coffee and worked out in my living room.  I think I may have found my personal trainer, but a new lover? Still on the fence.  He’s pretty reserved.  My polar opposite, and generally not what turns me on. He’s really sweet and fun to be around though so we’ll see.

Saturday:  Blue grass, meteorites, and dirty dancing with The Pro. Another first kiss…This time there were some fireworks.  Still feel like taking this one slow.


Ok, that’s it for this week… Off to work I go.

Cast of characters in this unscripted life of mine

It’s been awhile! Too long to catch you up on everything that’s been going on, so here is a quick run-down on the who’s who in this unscripted life of mine!

The Counselor:  The Counselor and I have parted ways.  Honestly, I was infatuated and he just wasn’t that into me. It was really hard to take at first because I don’t get twitterpated easily and when I do, i fall hard!  He’s seeing someone exclusively now. A hot little number who triggers my insecurities in that she is awesome with a capital A!  Can’t blame him for falling for her, and I’m genuinely happy for him!

Irish:  Irish will be leaving for California in two weeks. We’ve had a few dates this month that have reminded me just how much I’ll be missing when he leaves.  I’m excited about visiting him though. Yet another excuse to visit San Francisco! Did I ever mention the fact that he doesn’t masturbate?! Well, he doesn’t…or should I say didn’t!  We’ve been working on some exposure therapy and it’s working wonders!  He sent me a titillating video the other night of the progress he’s made. Im so proud of him 🙂 and turned on of course!

Patagonia/Craigslist Boy:  Still seeing each other!  Who would’ve thunk it?! Must be sneaking up on six months now. I had expected us to part ways months ago, but we’ve sort of fallen into a groove and dare I say friendship.  We have tons of fun together and the sexual chemistry is still nearly as hot as night one!  Just last week while his wife was on vacation (permission to have as much fun as possible while away) we had a couple sleep overs, a nearly 400 mile motorcycle ride (in one day!), and….I let him f my a! First time in 3+ years and it was A mazing!!! Hahaha, we’ll probably breakup now 🙂

The Pro:  Ok so this one is pretty new and I’ll definitely change her moniker if we keep dating but for now….  Patagonia has had plenty of new lovers over the past 6? months, one of whom he suggested I meet.  I realized it was a thinly veiled attempt at setting up a threesome, and told him I usually don’t do that unless I’m already sleeping with both parties individually already.  So….we’ve been seeing each other for about a month now 🙂  She’s a massage therapist and….an occasional escort!  Ok, this is where I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance.  I have NO objection to sex work or sex workers.  I think it should be legal, I think there should be brothels, and I think that every massage parlor should offer a “happy ending”.  BUT…. okay, I dont even know what the but is, but there is one.   I haven’t slept with her yet.  Not even a kiss. Lots of snuggling, hot dancing, and some rad massages, but we haven’t gotten naked. Patagonia is not sleeping with her anymore because the idea of her fucking someone for money turns him off.  It’s the money part.  He’s had sex with and continues to sleep with more women than she could ever schedule, but there it is.  The stigma. The taboo. It sort of turns me on and yet I hesitate.

Red:  Yummy.  This is my newest lover.  He’s a firefighter. Tall, handsome, strong, and hung like a goddamned pony. Seriously, I usually don’t care much about size, but holy moly…Its the biggest I’ve ever seen in person. Not only does he have an amazing  tool, he’s also the most orally gifted gent I’ve EVER been with. He’s significantly older than the rest at 44, but I find it refreshing.  My ex-husband and last ltr were both a decade older than me.  It’s really fun to fuck a MAN.

He’s in a primary relationship with a super-hot woman who lives here in town. I know she’s super-hot because she introduced herself to me the other morning while I was grabbing some coffee before work.  Ha! Red must have shown her pics. 

Anyway, he’s off fighting the fires in E. Wa and gets RnR every two wks.  He was home with her on the last break and we’ve scheduled a date for the one coming up next wk.  I’m sick with a summertime flu right now so I’m hoping to be better by then!

Nice Guy: Been on a couple dates with this fella, and still feeling him out. No sexy time yet as I’m still figuring out if I like him or not. He’s my age. Super fit ex-bodybuilder.  Not really into the whole muscle bound thing.  He builds and repairs boats/yachts and has a couple little girls.  He’s divorced and has never been in an open relationship but seems okay with my non-monogamous ways.

The Lawyer: The newest of the new.  Just started chatting this one up the other day.  He answered my latest ad on CL (the only response I found intriguing).  We’re meeting next week for our first face to face.   So far the sexting is dry but the wit is sharp.


So that’s that! I’ve been working hard (six days a wk 58-65hrs/wk) and playing hard!  Family life is good, school is about to start up again for all of us and I’m appreciating these homework-free days to the fullest!

round-robin erotica

Mr. CL contributed three erotic paragraphs to our sexy little yarn.  He sent them to me yesterday while I was at work.  I read the first line in the break room and immediately shoved my phone back into my pocket lest my co-workers read over my shoulder the cause of my blushing. Hot Damn, he can write! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting him to contribute at all. I’ve never asked anyone to co-write erotica with me, and figured it may not be his cup-o-tea.  I LOVE being surprised!  After having read but a single line, I fell a little bit harder for my CL crush.

I didn’t read the rest until I was snuggled up in bed around midnight and it turned out to be well worth the wait.  I read it over and over again, savoring the details.  I closed my eyes and felt his words on my body.  Like the night we kissed in the cold, his words moved with mine and I was left wanting more.  I cannot wait until Wednesday.

And the little voice in my head whispers…Be careful!  You still haven’t met his wife! Things that are too good to be true…. Smart little voice.  Must set a date to meet his special lady!

Craigslist Adventures part III: A valentine fantasy for Mr. CL

Reader discretion is advised.  This post contains material not appropriate for some audiences

dirty thoughts              

This morning, Mr. CL texted me and apparently I’m not the only one who can’t stop replaying the events of the other night.  It really was hot.  Like, straight out of the movies, shit like this doesn’t happen in real life, hotness.  I told him that I’ve been thinking about it too, and that I’ve been fantasizing about scenarios inspired by that evening.  He of course said that he wants to hear all about them so that he can make it happen. I’ve never been shy to talk about my fantasies (ok, ok, so some of them NO ONE will ever hear), but I’ve never done so in such a public forum, so, in honor of V-day (which I just this morning realized it was), and inspired by a super sexually charged evening, here it is…a valentine fantasy for Mr. CL.

We meet in that sexy little restaurant with the french name and cozy up in a booth.  The lights are low for ambiance and a tea light flickers on the table.  My hand is resting on the inside of your thigh and my index finger traces tiny circles on your pants as I try to concentrate on the menu in front of me.  I already know what I want and it’s not served up in the kitchen.

Dinner is tasty. The drinks stiff. In lowered voices we whisper the things we can’t wait to to do to one another.  I lean over kiss your neck,  and play with your hair, because now I know how much you like it. I whisper in your ear that I want to straddle you right there in the booth.  I run my finger down the zipper of your jeans as I tell you how badly I need you to touch me. Your respond by squeezing my thigh and calling out to the waitress for the check.

The stairwell leaving the restaurant is empty, and I’ve barely stepped into it, the door having just closed behind us when I feel your hands close round my waist. From behind you press me against the wall and I feel the texture of the worn wallpaper against my cheek.  You stay there, pressed against me, your breath hot on my neck.  I cant help but rock my hips backwards into you.  You kiss my shoulder blade, my shoulder, my neck.  I feel your teeth touch my skin and a shiver courses through my body as my knees turn to jelly.  You press down and I submit. I am yours.  The door at the bottom of the stairs opens, laughter from the street float up to the landing.  You let me go.

We walk outside.  The temperature has dropped and the air shocks my lungs, but my body is on fire. We run to your car.  You haven’t managed to get the keys out of your pocket before we are kissing and our breaths create a cloud around our faces.

The drive is short and filled with anticipation. I whisper in your ear the ways in which I want to have you.  The ways I want to be had.

I can barely get my keys out of the door before your hands are on me again. I fumble with the broken zipper on your Patagonia jacket, kissing you, wanting you. I can feel you, see you straining against your jeans and I trace your girth and length with my fingers. Your slip a hand under my shirt, cup my small breast with its hard dark nipple.  I moan a little when you pinch it, gently twist, and tug on it. You lift my shirt and bring your mouth to my breast and lick, suck, nibble. Grabbing your hair I pull you back up to kiss me while I work at removing your shirt.  Skin to skin, our naked torsos touch for the first time….

I sent the fantasy via email and asked him to write the next paragraph.  I want to see if we can write something super hot together and reenact it later!  I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out!

Happy V-day people!

Craigslist Adventure part II: A prickly pear and a dirty house


Second date with Mr. Craigslist went surprisingly well.  We met at a bar down the street for a couple beers and a game of pool that we never got around to playing.  The time in the bar was spent chatting and flirting, brushing up against each other and lots of prolonged eye contact.  It was great, but I was antsy.  I wanted to get my hands on him again.  I wanted to run my fingers through his curly hair and feel that rock hard body. The time flew by and it was time to go so  we walked out into the cool rainy night to say our good byes. I tell you what, I’m glad I had taken all the precautions against bringing him home i.e., not shaving my velvet underground, not changing the sheets,  and  leaving some dirty dishes in the sink, because what happened next left me hotter than a pepper sprout!

We were walking hand in hand towards his car when all of a sudden, he pulls me into a darkened doorway, takes my face in his hands, pushes his body against mine, and moves in to kiss me.  He doesnt though…his lips come within a hair’s breadth of mine, and I breath him in as he exhales slowly. I try to close the gap but he pulls away just enough to maintain the space between us.  We stay like that, breathing into each other and I close my eyes and concentrate on his heart pounding against mine.  I run my hands up his back, his neck and the back of his head, gathering a handful of hair and pull. The kiss begins soft, barely brushing lips, we draw away only to come together again and again.  I take his lower lip between mine and gently bite down, looking him in the eyes.  Then it was on.  The kisses became deep and hard revealing a mutual hunger that had sprung up between us.  I wanted to devour him whole. We mashed our bodies against each other, groping, grasping, stroking.  He lifted me up, pushed me against the cold brick of the old building and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

We went on like that for an hour!  People walked by, cars drove past, but I was only vaguely aware of anything outside that darkened doorway. When we walked back onto the sidewalk, my knees were weak and I was drunk with wanting.  He had to be to work early, and I had , well, a prickly pear and a dirty house :), so we said goodnight.  I walked home alone, crawled into my dirty sheets and smiled.

Craigslist Adventure part I: Cock-shots and crazies

Yesterday morning, I had my first Craigslist date and I’m stoked!  Stoked…about someone I met on craigslist! Hahaha! Let me clarify something; I didn’t  find him on missed connections, men seeking women, or strictly platonic….I found him on casual encounters, or should I say he found me 🙂 Let me back up if I may; last week, while recovering from the flu, I was browsing CL, skimming the personals like I often do, and decided to post an ad. Crazy right?! What motivated me? I think it was was 98% curiosity (wonder how many naked-in-the-bathroom-selfies I’ll get in response), and 2% “maybe I’ll actually find what I’m looking for”.  I’ll admit, when I think of CL hookups, I think of skeezy, scary, serial-killing, std dripping freaks bumping uglies in cheep hotels and bathroom stalls. All but one of the responses (there were 20+ before I took it down a couple hours later) lived up to the stereotype! Then there was him…I didn’t want to believe it, but he seemed normal (my idea of normal that is).  He was clothed in his photo and smiling openly (not trying to look hyper-masculine or sexy).  He’s my age, fit, attractive, outdoorsy, intelligent, witty, and in a “monogamish” marriage (I love couples!).  We vollied texts until it was obvious that we had enough commonalities to warrant meeting. I of course let a few friends know what I was up to, where I’d be, when I would be done, and also sent them the pics he sent me (if they were actually of him) to give to the police if I ended up chained to a radiator somewhere and didn’t make it home.

Fast forward to yesterday morning… We chose to meet in a coffee house down the street and I arrived before he did.  This is always fun because I can’t help but look up every time the door opens and because it’s always exciting to meet someone face to face for the first time.  When he walked through the door, I was pleased to see that he looked exactly like his photo if not a bit more handsome.  We shook hands and shared a friendly hug.  The hug is so important. You can learn as much from a hug as you can a handshake!  Both were great! When we sat down, he leaned in with open body posture and lots of eye contact (beautiful eyes btw).  We shared a bit about ourselves over coffee and discussed what non-monogamy looks like for each of us. We talked about what we are into sexually (want to weed out the fetishes I’m not into right away!), and by that point I was starting to feel pretty turned on which is an awesome sign of good chemistry.  Of course we talked about our other partners.  I disclosed that I currently have two other lovers, and insist on keeping everyone in the loop.  He went into more detail about how he and his wife set off down the poly-path, and discussed what’s worked for them and what hasn’t.

Then, before I realized it, two hours had passed and it was time to go.  I stood up to hug him again blushing from top to toe.  This time, I took my time and slowly slid my hands down his back, along his lats, trying to get an idea of what he was hiding under that lumberjacks flannel all the while thinking,  “dear goddess, this man doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him”, and “is that a bulge?…That is def. a bulge!”.  He kissed my cheek and was gone.

In the past 24 hours we’ve exchanged multiple texts, email addresses, and scheduled a date night next week.  It’s been so much fun that I decided to invite him out for a beer and a game of pool tonight after I get off shift.  I’m on my moon and the boys are home tonight, so I wont be bringing him home, but I’m super excited to prolong and amplify the already hot sexual current running between us.  I also invited him and his wife out to see a show tomorrow night, but we shall see.  I promise to keep you all posted!!!

So Craigslist…not so bad if you are willing to wade through the creepers, bots, cock-shots, and misc. crazies!