tumble tumble tumblr

Started a new tumblr blog.  A pictorial accounting of these adventures of mine.  This one will be more interactive in that I’m telling All my lovers about it and encouraging them submit pics and/or stories of either the two of us or their own adventures.  I’ve often wondered what it would be like if I could see my partners’ partners 🙂  This will prob be the closest I get.  It’s also a form of networking.  His Little Friend just referred one of her “innocent boy toys” to my blog…. tee hee!  Right now it’s just got some fun pics of me sweating and  misbehaving at work and  a few from  the nude beach with bunchberries (my bestie). Patagonia has agreed to play along and will be submitting some pics of his hotness soon.

Still don’t want to link these two worlds though.  I need the freedom the anonymity grants. I need the space to bitch and moan and gush and cry and jump for joy without everyone in my circle reacting to it. Patagonia was practically begging me to link him here.  No way dude. Not gonna happen. But I’d be happy to write up a shiny caption under a pic of me burying your cock in my throat 🙂  Ha!

How many of you, my sexy followers, are anonymous?  How many of you let your freak flags fly? I’m curious.


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