Ok, a little side note here about monikers

Names are important.  I can’t out someone on my blog so I have to nickname them.  Pretty standard. Everybody does it.  How do we go about doing it though?  How do you sum up a person in a name.  And what do you do when it doesn’t work. How does one go about changing an established moniker?  


Irish was Irish because he’s Irish 🙂  I almost called him the leperachaun because he reminded me of Lucky from Lucky charms whenever he’d get excited about something.  

Patagonia was originally Craigslist Boy cause that’s where I met him. After I realized he was going to stick around, I had to choose a name that fit him. The day we met, he was wearing a patagonia jacket with a busted zipper.  He told me the story of his friend shooting some pics of him fly fishing which were then sold to Patagonia (the company) who then sent him some shwag…. and there you go. 

 The latest edit and inspiration for this post was Red. He was originally introduced as Hot Shot.  I honestly don’t know why I changed it. Now, every time I type Red it, it feels off. I hate jumping back n forth like this but I just can’t leave him with a name that has proven to be so ill suited.  

Then theres The Pro. I mean really. The Pro?! Gah. It was because I was obsessing about her hookin ways…and she’s, you know, a professional massage therapist too so…The Pro. Geesh. Still can’t think of a good one.

And of course we’ve got my all time greatest flexion of creative genius, Nice Guy. Wow, in the standard narrative, this guy is already doomed. Why even write him in if I’m just going to cast him as a red shirt. He really is nice though. Like sweet and soft spoken and…Nice. In therapy the other day I gave my guy the rundown on my sex life and mentioned Nice Guy by his moniker. Therapist suggested I call him Captain Nice Guy because it grants his niceness super-power status. I love my therapist. I think Captain Nice Guy is going to be sticking around so I had better come up with something soon.

His Little Friend gives me goose bumps every time I type it.  I may need to change it as I get to know her, but for now it stays.

The Lawyer turned out to be a dud and I politely told him to kick rocks. Don’t need to worry about that moniker.

So How does this work?  Should I go back and edit the name changes? Pretend they had never been called anything other than their most recent incarnations?  Or do I just let things evolve organically and change them as we go along….

yeah, let’s do that.  Goodbye Red! Hello again Hot Shot!



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