sexy times

Oh my what a fun week.  Work kicked my ass but I balanced it out with plenty of sexy play dates! Warning to those with squeamish  constitutions…bloody sex and  ass-play

Wednesday:  Headed down south to meet Red at his place for what turned out to be a fun and uber hot overnighter. We had a delicious dinner on the water, some tasty beer at a local brewer, then back to his place in time to catch the sunset from the back deck.  As I kicked back enjoying the view, red made himself at home between my legs. Did I mention that this man licks pussy like no other?!!  Heavenly head he gives! Anyway I came hard against his mouth just as the horn from a passing train sounded from below. Perfect timing.

I was on my moon which always makes me feel like an extra dirty girl.  Bloody handprints on white sheets and extra lube to help me take that monster cock of his.  Still thinking about his mons pubis stained crimson.  Dirty man even insisted I lick his asshole.   I so badly wished I had a harness. I wonder if he would have let me take him.

Red has a gf, His Little Friend, whom I mentioned in my  last post. The two have a pornarific tumbr blog that I just subscribed to. I want to link her here but am nervous. She would be the first to read this blog who knows who I am.

Thursday:  Another long day at work. Had planned on pulling a double but the heat got to me and I opted for a trip to the nude beach instead.  My bestie/muse and I found the perfect spot.  With Acid Arab playing over my wireless speaker (thank you Red!) we commenced drinking, swimming, and dancing on the rocks.

Friday:  Date night with Niceguy.  Moonlit swimming and an epic rope swing!  Drinks at my place and an invitation to sleep over.  Exhaustion got the better of me and I fell asleep in his arms.  Woke up sometime in the middle of the night and kissed him for the first time….nice, but no fireworks.. I fell back to sleep 🙂  In the morning we drank coffee and worked out in my living room.  I think I may have found my personal trainer, but a new lover? Still on the fence.  He’s pretty reserved.  My polar opposite, and generally not what turns me on. He’s really sweet and fun to be around though so we’ll see.

Saturday:  Blue grass, meteorites, and dirty dancing with The Pro. Another first kiss…This time there were some fireworks.  Still feel like taking this one slow.


Ok, that’s it for this week… Off to work I go.


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