Cast of characters in this unscripted life of mine

It’s been awhile! Too long to catch you up on everything that’s been going on, so here is a quick run-down on the who’s who in this unscripted life of mine!

The Counselor:  The Counselor and I have parted ways.  Honestly, I was infatuated and he just wasn’t that into me. It was really hard to take at first because I don’t get twitterpated easily and when I do, i fall hard!  He’s seeing someone exclusively now. A hot little number who triggers my insecurities in that she is awesome with a capital A!  Can’t blame him for falling for her, and I’m genuinely happy for him!

Irish:  Irish will be leaving for California in two weeks. We’ve had a few dates this month that have reminded me just how much I’ll be missing when he leaves.  I’m excited about visiting him though. Yet another excuse to visit San Francisco! Did I ever mention the fact that he doesn’t masturbate?! Well, he doesn’t…or should I say didn’t!  We’ve been working on some exposure therapy and it’s working wonders!  He sent me a titillating video the other night of the progress he’s made. Im so proud of him 🙂 and turned on of course!

Patagonia/Craigslist Boy:  Still seeing each other!  Who would’ve thunk it?! Must be sneaking up on six months now. I had expected us to part ways months ago, but we’ve sort of fallen into a groove and dare I say friendship.  We have tons of fun together and the sexual chemistry is still nearly as hot as night one!  Just last week while his wife was on vacation (permission to have as much fun as possible while away) we had a couple sleep overs, a nearly 400 mile motorcycle ride (in one day!), and….I let him f my a! First time in 3+ years and it was A mazing!!! Hahaha, we’ll probably breakup now 🙂

The Pro:  Ok so this one is pretty new and I’ll definitely change her moniker if we keep dating but for now….  Patagonia has had plenty of new lovers over the past 6? months, one of whom he suggested I meet.  I realized it was a thinly veiled attempt at setting up a threesome, and told him I usually don’t do that unless I’m already sleeping with both parties individually already.  So….we’ve been seeing each other for about a month now 🙂  She’s a massage therapist and….an occasional escort!  Ok, this is where I’m experiencing some cognitive dissonance.  I have NO objection to sex work or sex workers.  I think it should be legal, I think there should be brothels, and I think that every massage parlor should offer a “happy ending”.  BUT…. okay, I dont even know what the but is, but there is one.   I haven’t slept with her yet.  Not even a kiss. Lots of snuggling, hot dancing, and some rad massages, but we haven’t gotten naked. Patagonia is not sleeping with her anymore because the idea of her fucking someone for money turns him off.  It’s the money part.  He’s had sex with and continues to sleep with more women than she could ever schedule, but there it is.  The stigma. The taboo. It sort of turns me on and yet I hesitate.

Red:  Yummy.  This is my newest lover.  He’s a firefighter. Tall, handsome, strong, and hung like a goddamned pony. Seriously, I usually don’t care much about size, but holy moly…Its the biggest I’ve ever seen in person. Not only does he have an amazing  tool, he’s also the most orally gifted gent I’ve EVER been with. He’s significantly older than the rest at 44, but I find it refreshing.  My ex-husband and last ltr were both a decade older than me.  It’s really fun to fuck a MAN.

He’s in a primary relationship with a super-hot woman who lives here in town. I know she’s super-hot because she introduced herself to me the other morning while I was grabbing some coffee before work.  Ha! Red must have shown her pics. 

Anyway, he’s off fighting the fires in E. Wa and gets RnR every two wks.  He was home with her on the last break and we’ve scheduled a date for the one coming up next wk.  I’m sick with a summertime flu right now so I’m hoping to be better by then!

Nice Guy: Been on a couple dates with this fella, and still feeling him out. No sexy time yet as I’m still figuring out if I like him or not. He’s my age. Super fit ex-bodybuilder.  Not really into the whole muscle bound thing.  He builds and repairs boats/yachts and has a couple little girls.  He’s divorced and has never been in an open relationship but seems okay with my non-monogamous ways.

The Lawyer: The newest of the new.  Just started chatting this one up the other day.  He answered my latest ad on CL (the only response I found intriguing).  We’re meeting next week for our first face to face.   So far the sexting is dry but the wit is sharp.


So that’s that! I’ve been working hard (six days a wk 58-65hrs/wk) and playing hard!  Family life is good, school is about to start up again for all of us and I’m appreciating these homework-free days to the fullest!


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