Monday Monday

The Counselor and I spent the weekend together. He stayed over again on saturday night.  We had a chance to talk through my newly emerging “feelings” and it seems as though we are on the same page. While not changing the open nature of the relationship (warm fuzzies, not all-mine-ies) we are acknowledging that whatever this thing is between us, it’s good and we want more of it. Oh, and I managed to sleep with him in my bed…Progress!

It remains to be seen whether or not things will be continuing with Patagonia. He’s back from his trip but we haven’t  talked since Friday when I forgot about/blew off our coffee date in favor of “entertaining” The Counselor. It’s not going to help matters that I have to cancel our standing wednesday date…but it can’t be helped. The kids usually go to their dad’s for a midweek sleep over, but he’s out of town so…anyway, I’m obviously not all that broken up about it.  I’m a tiddle bit overwhelmed actually.  Time to take a step back and recharge my batteries.  Spend some quality time with my family and close friends.

Speaking of friends…After The Counselor left for work Sunday morning, I invited my long time friend/ex-lover Pete and his new girlfriend over for brunch.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but schedules hadn’t aligned. At the last minute, I got nervous and called my girlfriend Suki over to act as a buffer in case things got awkward (Pete and I broke up 5 months ago and he’s still having a hard time with it). It ended up being a wonderful morning.  I really had nothing to worry about.  In fact, Pete’s new lady is rad, and we’ve already made plans to get together again and jam! Suki and I rounded out the day with a hike out to a secluded beach for some much needed sunbathing.  It’s funny how living in the PNW makes 52 degrees perfect sunbathing weather! Rolled up the pants, stripped off the shirt socks n shoes, kicked back on the rocks, and let the sun soak into my pasty white hide!

Feeling tired today.  No motivation to go workout, which of course makes it all the more important that I go. Time to caffeinate, eat some eggy-weggs and take the dog for a walk… Happy Monday people 🙂



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