Sushi, Sex, and Chocolate!

I should  be asleep right now, but I’m too wired/blissed out/AWAKE.  The date with Patagonia exceeded my expectations.  It took my expectations, strapped a bundle of TNT to them, and detonated them in the middle of a warehouse full of fireworks! Yeah, it was THAT good!

Hedonism was the theme of the night.  We feasted on raw salmon, kue, and hamachi at my favorite sushi restaurant and the sexual tension was as sweet as the nigiri.  Once home, Elysian Dragonstooth stout flavored our kisses and gently soothed my nervousness.  For dessert (really the whole night was dessert), a decadent coconut chocolate  torte eaten naked, tangled, and utterly spent.

I’m laying here reveling in the sweetness of it all.  I wish I could high-five the universe for sending such  sexy kindred spirits my way.  I’m one lucky mama!


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