Craigslist adventure part IV: I’m going to meet The Wife!

Oh my gosh I’m buzzing with excitement.  Patagonia just sent me his lady’s contact info and I sent her an introductory text and coffee/lunch invite!  He’s out of town for the weekend and this would be the perfect opportunity for her and I to get together. If she’s half as rad as he says she is, I’m stoked! I’m so nervous! What if she doesn’t like me? What if she karate chops me with her veto power?!  This has been such a wonderful adventure from the start.  I wasn’t expecting to find anyone worth meeting when I posted that ad. It’s Craigslist for goodness sake!  I never would have dreamt that I’d meet someone with whom I share such amazing chemistry.  And now, here I am meeting his wife! Squee! She texted me back! We might get together tonight!

What a crazy awesome day!

I cancelled my date with Irish this morning in favor of a long solo bike ride.  I needed to get out of the city and into the woods. Irish and I have been lovers for almost two years and have a really good relationship. We get together on a fairly regular basis for walks, coffee, and study sessions (we met in school). This would have been a coffee date on campus so not a big deal to postpone. Still, I’ve been missing him lately.  The last two real dates (scheduled sleep-overs) we’ve made fell through due to life intervening the way it sometimes does.   Oh well, it will happen when it happens. We are flexible and forgiving with each other and I love that about our connection. 

I also talked to The Counselor briefly today.  Just a quick check in.  The last date we had was the morning after the first super hot night with Patagonia and I really should have cancelled it because I was still glowing from someone else’s kisses.  When I’m with someone, I give them my undivided attention but this time I was definitely divided!  So, it turned out to be a super mellow coffee and cuddle session where I told him all about my craigslist adventure.  Anyway, today, when he asked me how it was going with “craigslist boy ;-)” I was filled with this amazing rush of wow, this non-monogamy thing is really effing awesome!  I mean, when it works, when everyone is honest, when everyone’s need are being met and we can just talk openly about our lives and “others”… its such a rush. I feel like a sexual anarchist!  Anyway, he and I are trying to find time to get together to play catch up sometime in the next couple weeks.  Scheduling is going to be tricky now that I’ve added Patagonia to the mix. My life feels full and wonderful right now.


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