round-robin erotica

Mr. CL contributed three erotic paragraphs to our sexy little yarn.  He sent them to me yesterday while I was at work.  I read the first line in the break room and immediately shoved my phone back into my pocket lest my co-workers read over my shoulder the cause of my blushing. Hot Damn, he can write! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting him to contribute at all. I’ve never asked anyone to co-write erotica with me, and figured it may not be his cup-o-tea.  I LOVE being surprised!  After having read but a single line, I fell a little bit harder for my CL crush.

I didn’t read the rest until I was snuggled up in bed around midnight and it turned out to be well worth the wait.  I read it over and over again, savoring the details.  I closed my eyes and felt his words on my body.  Like the night we kissed in the cold, his words moved with mine and I was left wanting more.  I cannot wait until Wednesday.

And the little voice in my head whispers…Be careful!  You still haven’t met his wife! Things that are too good to be true…. Smart little voice.  Must set a date to meet his special lady!


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