Lesson: before a date, check in and confirm with your lover that he/she is going to be able to make it!

Sitting here at my favorite little coffee shop downtown watching the rain pelt the window to my right. It’s still dark out.  The clouds rest on roof tops and sag between buildings like the canopy of a kid’s blanket fort supported by the dining room chairs. The wind blows the rain sideways. Like a fort, it’s safe and warm in here.

While I do love it here, I didn’t get my butt out of bed at 630 to sit here and write prose about the inclement weather.  I’m here because I was supposed to meet Mr. CL… half an hour ago.

Lesson: always confirm the day before a date, big or small. Why? Possibly avoid uncomfortable situations like this one where I get to wonder if he stood me up or just plain forgot about the coffee date.

Update:  checked in with him to see if we we’re still on for tomorrow night.  Glad I did because he cancelled.  Still trying to process why that stings so bad given that we just met. He wants to reschedule, but I feel triggered.  I don’t have time for flakes.  My time is too precious and scheduling dates around my work, school, parenting schedule is complicated enough as it is! Grrr!  I was really looking forward spending some quality time together.

Update:  Rescheduled for next wednesday. We met last night after work for a shot and a beer.  We talked for hours and wound up in his car making out like a couple of horny teenagers.  He asked me to be his girlfriend, I said I’d give it a whirl 🙂 Since I think I’ll be keeping him around I’d like to give him a more fitting moniker…from now on, I will be referring to my craigslist crush, as Patagonia.


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