Craigslist Adventures part III: A valentine fantasy for Mr. CL

Reader discretion is advised.  This post contains material not appropriate for some audiences

dirty thoughts              

This morning, Mr. CL texted me and apparently I’m not the only one who can’t stop replaying the events of the other night.  It really was hot.  Like, straight out of the movies, shit like this doesn’t happen in real life, hotness.  I told him that I’ve been thinking about it too, and that I’ve been fantasizing about scenarios inspired by that evening.  He of course said that he wants to hear all about them so that he can make it happen. I’ve never been shy to talk about my fantasies (ok, ok, so some of them NO ONE will ever hear), but I’ve never done so in such a public forum, so, in honor of V-day (which I just this morning realized it was), and inspired by a super sexually charged evening, here it is…a valentine fantasy for Mr. CL.

We meet in that sexy little restaurant with the french name and cozy up in a booth.  The lights are low for ambiance and a tea light flickers on the table.  My hand is resting on the inside of your thigh and my index finger traces tiny circles on your pants as I try to concentrate on the menu in front of me.  I already know what I want and it’s not served up in the kitchen.

Dinner is tasty. The drinks stiff. In lowered voices we whisper the things we can’t wait to to do to one another.  I lean over kiss your neck,  and play with your hair, because now I know how much you like it. I whisper in your ear that I want to straddle you right there in the booth.  I run my finger down the zipper of your jeans as I tell you how badly I need you to touch me. Your respond by squeezing my thigh and calling out to the waitress for the check.

The stairwell leaving the restaurant is empty, and I’ve barely stepped into it, the door having just closed behind us when I feel your hands close round my waist. From behind you press me against the wall and I feel the texture of the worn wallpaper against my cheek.  You stay there, pressed against me, your breath hot on my neck.  I cant help but rock my hips backwards into you.  You kiss my shoulder blade, my shoulder, my neck.  I feel your teeth touch my skin and a shiver courses through my body as my knees turn to jelly.  You press down and I submit. I am yours.  The door at the bottom of the stairs opens, laughter from the street float up to the landing.  You let me go.

We walk outside.  The temperature has dropped and the air shocks my lungs, but my body is on fire. We run to your car.  You haven’t managed to get the keys out of your pocket before we are kissing and our breaths create a cloud around our faces.

The drive is short and filled with anticipation. I whisper in your ear the ways in which I want to have you.  The ways I want to be had.

I can barely get my keys out of the door before your hands are on me again. I fumble with the broken zipper on your Patagonia jacket, kissing you, wanting you. I can feel you, see you straining against your jeans and I trace your girth and length with my fingers. Your slip a hand under my shirt, cup my small breast with its hard dark nipple.  I moan a little when you pinch it, gently twist, and tug on it. You lift my shirt and bring your mouth to my breast and lick, suck, nibble. Grabbing your hair I pull you back up to kiss me while I work at removing your shirt.  Skin to skin, our naked torsos touch for the first time….

I sent the fantasy via email and asked him to write the next paragraph.  I want to see if we can write something super hot together and reenact it later!  I’ll be sure to let you know how it works out!

Happy V-day people!


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