Craigslist Adventure part II: A prickly pear and a dirty house


Second date with Mr. Craigslist went surprisingly well.  We met at a bar down the street for a couple beers and a game of pool that we never got around to playing.  The time in the bar was spent chatting and flirting, brushing up against each other and lots of prolonged eye contact.  It was great, but I was antsy.  I wanted to get my hands on him again.  I wanted to run my fingers through his curly hair and feel that rock hard body. The time flew by and it was time to go so  we walked out into the cool rainy night to say our good byes. I tell you what, I’m glad I had taken all the precautions against bringing him home i.e., not shaving my velvet underground, not changing the sheets,  and  leaving some dirty dishes in the sink, because what happened next left me hotter than a pepper sprout!

We were walking hand in hand towards his car when all of a sudden, he pulls me into a darkened doorway, takes my face in his hands, pushes his body against mine, and moves in to kiss me.  He doesnt though…his lips come within a hair’s breadth of mine, and I breath him in as he exhales slowly. I try to close the gap but he pulls away just enough to maintain the space between us.  We stay like that, breathing into each other and I close my eyes and concentrate on his heart pounding against mine.  I run my hands up his back, his neck and the back of his head, gathering a handful of hair and pull. The kiss begins soft, barely brushing lips, we draw away only to come together again and again.  I take his lower lip between mine and gently bite down, looking him in the eyes.  Then it was on.  The kisses became deep and hard revealing a mutual hunger that had sprung up between us.  I wanted to devour him whole. We mashed our bodies against each other, groping, grasping, stroking.  He lifted me up, pushed me against the cold brick of the old building and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

We went on like that for an hour!  People walked by, cars drove past, but I was only vaguely aware of anything outside that darkened doorway. When we walked back onto the sidewalk, my knees were weak and I was drunk with wanting.  He had to be to work early, and I had , well, a prickly pear and a dirty house :), so we said goodnight.  I walked home alone, crawled into my dirty sheets and smiled.


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