Hit Me!

In honor of last night’s sexploration I invite you pervs and pervettes to give this a shot.  Go find someone you love/like/trust and slap ‘em! You’ll thank me later!


Kiss With a Fist

His Little Friend and I had a date last night. It was lovely.  Beautiful day, tasty food, great beer, gorgeous company, and of course there was the slapping session which led to an epic wrestling match and amazing sex.

Yep, I said slapping. To strike with open hand. To smack, thwack, whack, hit, wallop. It was a titillating sexploration of a mutual interest and here are a few observations on being hit.

Physically, the sting startles me.  Adrenaline surges. I clench my fists, widen my stance, and prepare myself for battle. The sting softens into delicious warmth that spreads to the rest of my face, my head, and soon my whole body is awash in this amazing glow. I become incredibly aroused.

Psychologically, it’s an affront. Shocked despite knowing it was coming, humiliated despite having invited it upon myself, and an overwhelming desire to strike back despite the affection I feel for my attacker.

Sociologically, a slap-in-the-face of polite societal norms and mores. I am no polite lady. I am perverse. I am deviant.

So what is it about striking someone and being struck that is so exciting? Is it the humiliation? The disregard of social norms? Is it simply chemical? The release of adrenaline and endorphines? I don’t know, but I LOVE it and am sooooo looking forward to exploring this further.

Naughty Shenanigans part III: Ménage à trois



This weekend was something I hope every single one of you has an opportunity to experience! The mythical magical Ménage à trois! That’s right, His Little Friend and I pulled it off! Hotshot walked in on a scene most of you  pervs could only imagine! Shit, I was THERE and I can barely wrap my mind around it. It was carnal, animal, raw, beautiful, tender, hilarious, hard, soft, soooo soft!

Too tired to write right now…Have got to get some sleep… so happy….wow…

Naughty Shenanigans part II: And the adventure begins…

On the bus, heading to Hotshots with His Little Friend. I’ve got all the essentials packed. Hooker shoes, sexy get-up, nitrile gloves, lube, toys, rope, camera, booze, and pulled pork with slaw and a bunch of carrots (a girls gotta eat!).
So glad she and I are spending a night together before the ambush! She’s just so rad! We’re going to play dress up and take some pics for the tumblr site, chill, drink beer, try some fisting… Yeah, should be pretty awesome 🙂

Fuck Yes I’m Exactly the Person I Want to Be


My date with His Little Friend was delish.  I mean DELISH! I wore my new corset, garter, stockings, lil black dress n heels.  I spiked my hawk, put on some make-up (next to never wear make-up) and met her for sashimi. She was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans! HA! Oh well. It wasn’t a bad thing being the best dressed person in the joint.

We finished our beers and head back to her new place to christen the “sex room”.  Drinking red wine, talking, fine tuning the plan for Sunday’s sex-ambush… she crawls over to me and plants a sweet little kiss on my lips mid-sentence.  Oh sugar!  More please!

It’s been a while since I’ve been with a lady, and wow, she showed me what I’ve been missing!  She has the sweetest most exquisite yoni!  I could have stayed there, nestled between her creamy thighs for DAYS! Yeah, she’s pretty rad.  Oh, and we showed up with matching strap-ons. Ha!

My excitement about Sunday is growing exponentially.  Now that I know my sexual connection with His Little Friend is electric,  I  KNOW the three of us are going to have a great time.  We leaked some pics and videos of our tryst to him and he’s positively chomping-at-the-bit to get his hands on us.  Of course we are still insisting that I am far to busy this week for it to work out.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he walks in on the two of us. Gives me shivers.

Tell you what, if I was still caught up in trying to be somebody I’m not, I’d be missing out on everything that’s going on in THIS girl’s life!  Right here. Right now!  Amanda Palmer says it best “Fuck yes, I’m exactly the person I want to be!”.

Naughty Shenanigans part 1: The Plan

His Little Friend and I are plotting. She’s been fantasizing about the three of us getting together for a while now. I received a text wednesday saying she wants to surprise Hotshot with a ménage à trois. I’m always down for naughty shenanigans, especially ones involving people as rad as these two. This one is shaping up to be one of the funnest yet! The sex ambush!

As you might imagine, an ambush requires planning and a good plan includes a strong set up, perfect timing, the proper equipment, and flawless execution.

The Set-up
After our first date last Wednesday, His Little Friend texted Hotshot and told him that she wanted the three of us to get together for dinner, drinks, and whatever, but that our schedules weren’t matching up until late september. She said he was disappointed but that he said something awesome along the lines of “it will happen if/when it’s meant to happen.

He may have acted casual, but we knew we had him on the line 🙂 In one of the tasks he gives His Little friend, Hotshot asked her to masturbate to the thought of Patagonia fucking her throat while I lapped at her cunt and starfish. Obvious projection on his part 🙂
Today, after not talking to him for a couple days (I was on a camping trip) I sent him a text apologizing for not being able to meet him during his RnR. I mentioned all the dirty things I had been planning but wouldn’t be able to do until the end of September. I told him there were a few positions that I was dying to try…

“I want to lay on my back with your little friend 69 to me. She’s licking my pussy as you fuck her from behind and I lick/suck at your cock and her cunt from below.” Oh, and then there was this one…”She lays on her back with her head at the end of the bed. I bend you over her and fuck your ass while she sucks you dry” And…” I want you to sit on the edge of the bed and hold her in your lap, arms holding her legs open, cock filling her ass. I want to suck her clit while I slide my lubed glove inside her. Then we time our thrusts to alternate. Cock in, fist out, fist in, cock out. All the while I’m torturing her clit with my mouth.”

Ha! Now He’s super turned on. Sends me a shot of his massively erect penis and two minutes later His Little Friend is texting me with “you’re doing great! He’s texting me like crazy about what you sent him”.
Muahahahaha! Hook line and sinker.

He’s due home for RnR sunday evening. Dirty and exhausted, he’ll be expecting His little Friend to be waiting for him with an ice cold beer and a hot shower. She and I will arrive at his house a couple hours early to set up the scene.

Harness & strap-on
strapless feel-do
ball gag

The Scene
She wants to watch us fuck. She wants to be made to watch us fuck.
When Hotshots an hour out, I’ll begin.
First, I’ll place the chair facing the bed. I’ll walk her to the chair, ask her to sit, and offer her a glass of wine. While she sips, I’ll bind her right ankle to the bottom of chair leg. Now the Left.
Using her phone, I’ll snap a shot.
Right ankle bound. Send
Her knees will naturally come together in an attempt to cover her naked sex. I’ll bind her calf, she’ll struggle to touch her left knee to the bound one when I gently force it into position. She’ll now be sitting bolt upright, knees apart facing the bed, two hands clutching the glass of red wine.
Left calf bound. Send.
He’s getting closer.
I’ll check my ties, and linger between her legs long enough to kiss the inside of her thighs. With the glass in her right hand, I’ll bind her left to the chair.
Drink up darling. I’ll take the glass and smile before tying her free hand to to the chair.
One bound wrist. Send
Ball gag snug in her jaws.
A few minutes of time to kill, I’ll entertain myself.
The door opens….

See?! The planning is half the fun!
His Little Friend and I are having a real date wednesday. Like a real real, I’m going to taste her, date. We aren’t telling him. This rendezvous will be a secret wrapped in a secret! We may leak pics after just to fan the flames a bit…



Compersion. You’ve heard this word before no? It’s essentially taking pleasure in someone else’s pleasure…and here’s the kicker…even if their pleasure has NOTHING to do with you!

This morning, as I lay, legs akimbo, masturbating to the photo I received of His Little Friend licking the cum off of Patagonia’s beautifully familiar cock, I was overwhelmed by a wave of joy.
Looking at that captured moment of my lovers’ pleasure filled me with immense joy and gratitude. I am so fucking blessed! The universe continues to send me amazingly sexy/wonderful/strong/smart/dynamic/kinky/open sluts to play with!!! High-Five universe!!!